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Salvage A Junk Car Today

If you have an old car that you need to get rid of, an auto salvage company is your best option.

Many however may charge for vehicle removal and perhaps even processing. Junk-A-Car not only will remove the vehicle for free, we will pay you the salvage value in cash for your car on the spot. Problem solved! It's simply that simple. A single phone call and bye bye car hello cash.

We are one of the largest auto salvage companies in the country and as such, can get you the most for your salvage car. Just call one of our valuation consultants and get a quick price right on the phone. We're confident that we're able to offer the most cash possible for your scrap car.

Scrap A Car

Selling your car for scrap is a simple process and our scrap consultants can assist you in determining the scrap value of your vehicle. No matter what the vehicle or condition we can process it, pay you top-dollar for it and remove it 100% free of charge.

Automobile Recycling

Automobile recycling in the past was just a fancy word for salvaging or scrapping a car. Today that means the vehicle is salvaged in an environmentally friendly manner with minimal harm to the environment and the recovered materials are put to good use.



JunkACar Reviews

TestimonialI had a car that was totaled and needed to be dealt with. Had great service from the people on the phone to the people who came to pick up my vehicle. Had called other services and they were definitely…Testimonial

Roscoe S. - Colorado Springs, CO

TestimonialEverything went very smoothly. They promptly picked up my car and gave me cash! They were very nice and helpful, I highly recommend.Testimonial

Emmalyn2005 - Fort Collins, CO

TestimonialQuick and Easy ~ Got a quote, set up pick up date, received a check when they picked it up.Testimonial

TdGeorge - Denver, CO

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