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Scrap Cars

Scrap prices fluctuate based on the value of metal. Most scrap yards simply pay based on weight. Junk-A-Car is staffed by professional vehicle valuation specialists who lok not only at the weight of the car but take into consideration your vehicle's semi-precious metal content and specialized parts which will have more value tan simply what the melted material is worth. As such we are able to pay higher rates for cars. Our nationwide network of scrap car removal specialists ensures speedy removal, fast payment and unmatched customer service.

JunkACar Reviews

TestimonialGreat experience. Loved the simplicity. Thank you for picking up my car.Testimonial

JADSX3 - Tucson, AZ

TestimonialNo joke, i contacted at least four other salvage operations and these guys responded the fastest, paid the most, and they were the only ones who pronounced my name right when we spoke on the phone. I have a very…Testimonial

seasponges - Chandler, AZ

TestimonialI was highly impressed with Junk-A-Car. It was my first time ever using a business of this nature. They were considerate, consistent and always returned my phone calls. I liked their energy and dedication towards me. They offered good for…Testimonial

ChrisJam - Glendale, AZ

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