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Sell a Broken Car with Mechanical Issues

Cars are complicated. No one knows that better than we do. When a vehicle breaks, it isn’t often a simple fix, and it isn’t often an inexpensive fix. Instead of pouring thousands into an unreliable vehicle with frequent mechanical problems, why not sell it for cash to Junk-A-Car? We pay top dollar for vehicles in any condition.  

We buy vehicles no matter what their condition. Whether it’s a blown transmission, a cracked main seal, or it stopped running, we pay top dollar for broken-down vehicles. It’s really quite simple: You could waste precious time haggling with a dealership that will always make the lowest possible offer or you could contact us and let us make you the highest possible offer. Call us or fill out our simple online form to get an instant quote. Our professional vehicle valuation specialists are knowledgeable and courteous. No strings attached and no hidden fees.

If you accept our cash offer, our tow truck drivers will show up at the location of your choice, on time, with the promised payment in hand, and will take the vehicle off your hands for free. So instead of a broken down machine that takes up space in your garage, Junk-A-Car leaves you with cash that takes up space in your wallet. Use it for a down payment on a new car!  

JunkACar Reviews

TestimonialThey offered me a great price, were very professional, and took my car two days after I contacted them. I would definitely recommend them over anyone else.Testimonial

Genevieve G. - Hartford, CT

TestimonialExcellent, prompt, friendly service. Cash on the barrelhead. What more can you ask for? I would highly recommend and would absolutely do business with them again.Testimonial

Markus P. - Bridgeport, CT

TestimonialI was very pleased by my experience! They were very easy to work with and I got $200 for my old, inoperable neon. I would definitely give them a call again in the future!Testimonial

kecia.carlson - Waterbury, CT

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