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Sell a Totaled Car

Turn One "Check" Into Two

Literally millions of cars are totaled every year. After an accident, an insurance company may “total a car” if the cost to repair it no longer warrants fixing it. Most vehicle owners are unaware they have the right to salvage their own vehicle. Many insurance companies will simply assign the car a salvage value and deduct that from your check. More often than not the amount we can pay will significantly exceed the difference, putting much needed cash into your pocket just when you need it most.

Junk-A-Car will make you a top-dollar cash offer, pick up and haul the vehicle for free, and do it all quickly and efficiently. We pay the most cash possible. Call us or fill out our simple online form to get an instant quote. Our professional vehicle valuation specialists are knowledgeable and courteous.

Our company has been buying totaled cars for decades. It’s a win/win for you and for us. We end up giving people a bit more money than they expected that they can put toward buying a new car, and we turn totaled cars into spare parts, recycled steel, and/or inexpensive transportation for people in need of an affordable vehicle.

JunkACar Reviews

TestimonialThey did what they said they would do and did it fast with no problems. This is a great company to deal with.Testimonial

LenMendat - Madison, WI

TestimonialGreat service. Phone representatives are very nice and devoted to making a deal. They were fast, friendly, and set up a quick deal. After shopping around I found them to be the best resource. Would recommend to anyone looking to…Testimonial

Stevko - Milwaukee, WI

TestimonialI needed fast cash for some bulls I needed to pay so I called these guys and with in the week I had $300 for my car that didn't even start.. I definitely know who I'll be calling if I…Testimonial

wpskjay - Green Bay, WI

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