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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling A Junk Car For Cash


Sell Totaled Cars in San Antonio, TX

  1. Make sure to sign a release of liability.  Every state DMV is different but in most states, there is a tear off portion of your title that you can fill out send to the DMV.  Sending in this form when you sell you car to a junk yard will protect you incase the car is re-sold.  Uese this online took to find a DMV office near you.
  2. Make sure the buyer honors their original quote.  Before you requested your junk car be removed, you should have given the buyer all the information they need to quote you a price on your car.  If the tow truck shows up and insists that your car is not worth the negotiated price just walk away, keep your car and find another buyer.
  3. Do not sign over your title unless you have cash or a check in hand.  Do not accept any excuses for a junk car tower to not hand over your payment at the time that they take your vehicle.  Even if they offer to leave the vehicle but ask you to sign the title wihtout payment just walk away.
  4. Towing should be free.  Most junk car buyers will provide free towing.  Learn how to get Free Nationwide Junk Car Removal. If you are being asked to pay for the two you should be getting signifantly more than another buyer offering free towing.  Be sure to get a firm price for towing before you accept a final offer for your car.
  5. Do not consider “free” trips or vouchers in your offer.  Most of the time vouchers or trips are either very hard to use or are a timeshare offer.  Stick to cash.  If a junk car buyer is offering you cash plus vouchers valued at a certain price just ignore the vouchers when comparing offers for your car.  Take the best cash offer you may end up throwing the vouchers away.
  6. Donating Your Car.  A few things about donating your car.  First the tax deductability of your car is questionable, especially with the new tax lows so you should not count on getting a tax deduction without talking to your accountant first.  Second, before you donate you should check out the repuation of the firm you are donating to.  My best advise is to sell your car for cash and if you want to take that money and make a donation with it then great.  For sure you can get a tax deduction and you can choose a charity that you trust.
  7. Cars 2000 and newer are rarely worthless.  If a buyer is telling you that your Junk Car 2000 or Newer is worthless find another buyer.  Cars of that age almost always have some value even if they are badly damaged.
  8. Remove all your personal items. Be sure to check under the seats, in the seat bockes, the glove compartment, trunk, center console and under rugs for all your belongings Including loose change and last week’s paycheck that you could swear you took to the bank.  You would be surprised to learn how much swag tow truck drivers find in junk cars.  Once you sell your car, you should expect that everything you left in it belows to the tow compay.
  9. Unless you a in a big hurry, don’t take the first bid.  If your car is sitting at the repair shop and you are being charged for storage you may just want to take the first bid and stop the losses.  However, getting junk car quotes is usually very quick and simple.  You should get at least two bids, one from a local company and one from a national company.
  10. Uninstall any custom accessories.  Junk car buyers usually do not want your old car stereo or your back up sensors.  If you installed anything like this on your vehicle and you can do the work yourself consider removing these items to use on your next car or bicycle if you are going green for your next transportion solution.