3 Reasons to Avoid Driving a Junk Car


When to sell you junk car

We all know that driving safely is important, right? We brake in time to come to a full stop at a stoplight, we obey stop signs and other important traffic signs, we stay in our lane, and we avoid going over the speed limit. When it gets dark or foggy out, we turn on our headlights. And, when we’re ready to make a turn, we use our turn signals.


That said, the truth of the matter is that all of these precautions are only part of the picture. In addition to using safe driving techniques, it’s also important to drive a vehicle that’s actually safe in and of itself. There are some instances where the kind of vehicle you’re driving may be even more important than the safety precautions you’re taking — for instance, in the event of an accident with another vehicle.


These days, most modern vehicles are equipped with a wide array of systems that are designed to alert you of potential dangers and help you avoid trouble. Whether it’s a warning light to let you know that your tire pressure is low or a high tech anti-lock braking system, modern cars do their best to keep you safe.


However, the majority of vehicles out on the road in the United States are by no means new. In fact, the average age of the American car clocks in at almost 12 years. This means that there are millions of cars on the road which are many decades old.  If your car is decades old and you are ready to get some money for your junk car, us for a quick quote now.


Are you driving a junk car around town? Aside from the frustration associated with driving a vehicle that breaks down constantly, driving a junk car can be flat out dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. In many instances, it’s a much better idea to simply sell your junk car and buy a newer vehicle rather than continuing to drive something that poses a threat. Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons you should avoid driving a junk car, both for your safety and for the safety of others on the road.


  1. Rust Is Dangerous


When you look at the rust covering your junk car, you might think that it’s simply an aesthetic issue. Sure, it’s a little painful to look at — but it’s not actually dangerous, right?


In some cases, this is actually quite wrong. A little rust on the hood of a vehicle isn’t likely to be dangerous, sure. But, rust on the undercarriage of a vehicle can be extremely dangerous, both for your and for other drivers. A rusted out vehicle can literally fall apart out on the open road. Plus, undercarriage rust (as experienced in areas with snowy winters, where the road is heavily salted for months at a time) can lead to parts suddenly wearing out and breaking without warning: everything from structural components to your braking system could suddenly fail. Watch out the next time you’re thinking about getting into a rusty junk car.


  1. Catching Fire


This may sound like an exaggeration, but believe us: it’s not. Old vehicles are full of dated, decaying fuel lines and internal wiring. The safety mechanisms designed to prevent these aspects of the vehicle from potentially catching fire tend to degrade over time. The result is a vehicle that’s more prone to electrical fires. The last thing you want is to be driving around in a car that’s at risk of catching fire.


  1. Bad Brakes


Many years ago, vehicles were made without anti-lock braking systems or disc brakes. Old school drum brake systems are drastically inferior to the braking systems in today’s modern cards. No matter how “new” your drum brakes are, they’re never going to be as safe as the current systems in use in cars.

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This following list is an average of the cars that we have purchased in your area. The actual value of your vehicle may be higher or lower than the average. Your car could be worth substantially more! Call now to get a quote.

VehicleMinimum PaidMaximum Paid
2002 Toyota Sienna3001250
1993 Ford E-150100500
2001 Volvo S40120415
2006 Honda CR-V6002750
2003 Ford F-1503001000
1992 GMC Jimmy150325
2004 GMC Sierra 15005002000
1991 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight100400
2004 Hyundai Elantra150500
2003 Cadillac DeVille225465
2002 BMW 3 Series3001510
1988 Jeep Cherokee100350
1983 Dodge Ram Van125300
2000 Mercury Grand Marquis150375
1998 Ford Escort50450
1996 GMC Sonoma175360
1986 Chevrolet Celebrity50300
1990 Ford Van250250
1995 Suzuki Swift150350
2000 Mazda 62650700
2002 Jeep Wrangler4501825
1997 Pontiac Firebird175350
1999 Ford Econoline Cargo100450
1985 Ford F-250142350
1997 Lincoln Continental100350
1993 BMW 3 Series100400
1998 Kia Sephia100400
2001 Hyundai XG30075400
1991 Nissan Truck150350
1993 Acura Vigor200325
1995 Mitsubishi Galant100400
1999 Chevrolet Astro Cargo200350
2001 Chevrolet Tracker195510
1992 Mercury Lynx275275
2006 Ford Taurus225625
1999 Subaru Forester150500
1983 Porsche 911225225
1990 Toyota Celica100325
1999 Dodge Durango20510
2002 Dodge Caravan100500
1993 Ford Mustang200350
1991 Chevrolet Caprice125375
1992 Toyota Celica90325
1999 Infiniti G20125350
1988 Ford LTD Crown Victoria100325
1994 Chevrolet Corsica100350
1999 Toyota Corolla50750
2001 GMC Savana Cargo400400
1993 Ford F-150100350
1981 Nissan Datsun225225

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