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That Old Car May Be Costing More Than You Think

We all know that one person who refuses to give up their old, beat-up vehicle. They don’t seem to care that the engine lets out an ungodly shriek each time it starts up (if its fortunate enough to), alerting everyone within a 3-block radius to clear off the roads or choke on the pungent aroma […]

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What to Do When Your Car is Repossessed

Having your vehicle repossessed can be a complete nightmare. You depend on your vehicle for practically everything: getting to and from work, driving your kids to school, making trips to the grocery store, and more. Plus, it’s essential to have a vehicle in case of an emergency. When your car is repossessed, it can make […]

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sell a junk car you owe money on

How to Sell a Junk Car You Owe Money On

Owning your vehicle outright is a great feeling. It’s nice to know that whatever happens, that vehicle is yours. There are no payments to accidentally miss, no repossession to worry about, and no insurance company coverage requirements (apart from those that apply to all drivers in your state). Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to own […]

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all about tires

Your Guide to Car Tires

If you’re like most car owners, you probably don’t pay a lot of attention to your tires. Sure, you know they’re important. After all, you wouldn’t get too far without them, would you? Still, though, they’re not something you think about on a regular basis. Unless you get a flat, they don’t ever really cross […]

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Buying scrap parts

Finding Cheap Junk Car Parts at a Junk Yard

Finding Cheap Parts at a Junkyard Are you in need of a cheap car part (or three) for your vehicle? Maybe you recently took your car in for some routine maintenance, and next thing you know you’re looking at an estimate for a huge (and totally unexpected) vehicle repair. If so, one of the best […]

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towing a junk truck with a chain

Towing a Junk Truck With a Chain

If you have a junk car on your hands, chances are good that it breaks down on a regular basis. While we recommend that you sell your junk car and get something newer ASAP, you might be stuck with a broken down truck right now that’s in need of a tow. Believe it or not, […]

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squeaky brakes on a junk car

The Easy Way to Fix Squeaky Brakes

When it comes to your car, some mechanical issues are easier to ignore than others. If it’s the middle of winter, you might not be in any hurry to get your air conditioner fixed. The same goes for your heating system when the weather is warm. Other problems need to be addressed immediately, though — […]

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junk car smells like antifreeze

My Car Smells Like Antifreeze: What’s Going On?

Some vehicle problems come on suddenly. You might be driving down the road when your engine spontaneously decides to overheat. Smoke begins to billow out from under the hood, and next thing you know you’re having your vehicle towed into the shop for an emergency repair. Or, you might be on your way to the […]

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Junk car air conditioner

How to Diagnose Car Air Conditioner Problems

On the one hand, the warm weather of summertime can be a good thing. More hours of daylight to enjoy the outdoors after work; warm sunny days in the park; plenty of sunshine on the weekends…the list goes on. But, summer’s not always fun. Intense heat is never enjoyable. And, we’ve all had the experience […]

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Are My Car’s Speakers Blown?

You’re driving down the road and enjoying your favorite song in your vehicle. You turn up the volume a little louder…and then a bit louder still…and then suddenly, it happens. You notice a change in the sound coming out of your speakers. Uh oh. Are your car’s speakers blown? It can be difficult to diagnose […]

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License plates selling junk cars

What to Do With Your Plates When Selling Your Junk Car

So, you’re ready to sell your junk car. You have everything ready to go: you’ve got your title, your registration, your bill of sale, and you’re even calling around to local junkyards to see how much they’ll pay for your junk car. You feel like things are proceeding smoothly, and you’re looking forward to finally […]

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Flood Damaged Junk Car

How to Assess a Flood Damaged Car

How to Assess Flood Damage to Your Car In recent years, we’ve seen a major increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes here in the United States. 2017 was a particularly rough year, and cities all along the coast experienced flood events. Hurricanes can be incredibly scary, particularly with their incredibly high winds. It’s […]

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Sell Totaled Cars in San Antonio, TX


MOST JUNK CAR BUYERS ARE REPUTABLE.  HOWEVER, YOU STILL WANT TO TAKE STEPS TO PROJECT YOURSELF WHEN YOU DECIDE TO SELL A JUNK CAR TO A SALVAGE YARD OR AN ONLINE JUNK CAR BUYER. Make sure to sign a release of liability.  Every state DMV is different but in most states, there is a tear […]

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Is your flood damaged car worth anything.  The answer is Yes!  However, you need to be careful how you sell your car and you need to be honest with your buyer. If you car is insured some insurance companies will allow you to keep your vehicle and take a reduction in your insurance payout.  They will however […]

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Anytime you sell your car, even if it is to a scrap yard you need to collect proof that you sold your car.  Without that proof of sale you could be held liable for tickets or accidents in that vehicle even after you sold it. Many states have a release of liabiltiy form attached to […]

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how to sell junk car parts


When selling a junk car you basically have three options: 1) Sell the whole car to a junk yard or online junk car buying service near you. 2) Advertise the car yourself on 3) Donate your junk car to charity. 4) Dismantle the car yourself and sell off the parts. If you want to considser dismantling […]

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If you hav found this article then you are probablyl considering selling your junk car for cash.  If you are selling to a service like Junk A Car then you can plan on free towing, quick service and a good price.  But, what should you do to get ready and how can get the most value out […]

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