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all about tires

Your Guide to Car Tires

If you’re like most car owners, you probably don’t pay a lot of attention to your tires. Sure, you know they’re important. After all, you wouldn’t get too far without them, would you? Still, though, they’re not something you think about on a regular basis. Unless you get a flat, they don’t ever really cross […]

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Are My Car’s Speakers Blown?

You’re driving down the road and enjoying your favorite song in your vehicle. You turn up the volume a little louder…and then a bit louder still…and then suddenly, it happens. You notice a change in the sound coming out of your speakers. Uh oh. Are your car’s speakers blown? It can be difficult to diagnose […]

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Flood Damaged Junk Car

How to Assess a Flood Damaged Car

How to Assess Flood Damage to Your Car In recent years, we’ve seen a major increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes here in the United States. 2017 was a particularly rough year, and cities all along the coast experienced flood events. Hurricanes can be incredibly scary, particularly with their incredibly high winds. It’s […]

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Is your flood damaged car worth anything.  The answer is Yes!  However, you need to be careful how you sell your car and you need to be honest with your buyer. If you car is insured some insurance companies will allow you to keep your vehicle and take a reduction in your insurance payout.  They will however […]



TestimonialThey were fantastic! Very helpful, and paid me a decent amount for my vehicle! Very happy girl right now. Testimonial

ashep - Joliet, IL

TestimonialFrom beginning to end they were professional n curious. I was rid of my old car n had some extra cash in my pocket...thanks !!! Testimonial

nbetz - Chicago, IL

Testimonialawesome service will work with you and good company with lot of respect for the people they meet Jason boudah Testimonial

Jason B. - Rockford, IL

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