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Anytime you sell your car, even if it is to a scrap yard you need to collect proof that you sold your car.  Without that proof of sale you could be held liable for tickets or accidents in that vehicle even after you sold it.

Many states have a release of liabiltiy form attached to your title.  If you state has this form be sure you fill it out, tear it off and mail it in right away to your state DMV office.  Nothing is worse than selling your junk car only to find out later that you owe for parking tickets AFTER you sold your car.

Browse to your location on our site for a list of DMV offices near you  or do this Google search to find a DMV office near you.

If you are selling your car without a title be sure to get written proof that you have sold your car.  In the unlikly event that you car does rack up fees after you sold it, you can use the receipt to force the towing company to cover your costs.

Selling your junk car is usually very easy but like any transaction you have to protect youself and get the proper paperwork.

If you have any questions, we are here to help just call one of our junk car specialists at the number listed above.