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When selling a junk car you basically have three options:

1) Sell the whole car to a junk yard or online junk car buying service near you.

2) Advertise the car yourself on

3) Donate your junk car to charity.

4) Dismantle the car yourself and sell off the parts.


If you want to considser dismantling your junk car and selling of the parts there are some important considerations.

1) Are you able to safely contain all the hazardous fluids in car like, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid and oil.  There can be  heavy fines associated improperly disposing of hazardous vehicle fluids and accidental spills can be very difficult and costly to clean up.  So first make sure you have property containers to capture all the vehicle’s fluids and that you are working on a hard surface that will allow you to quickly contain any spills.

2) Do you have the tools and are you experienced enough to safely work under a hood or under a car.  Many of the most valuable components on your car require your put the car securely on stands or supports and work underneath the vehicle.  Compoents like the transmission, drive train and engine are so heavy that you will need hoist or other device to lift the parts out of the car.  And of course you will need a heavy duty truck to be able to haul the parts from your junk car to a salvage yard.

3) How will you get the rest of the car to a scrap yard to sell for the scrap metal.  Your best option is to leave the wheels and tires on the car so it can be rolled onto a tow truck.


If you have read all the preceeding precautions and still want to take on the daunting task of removing parts from your junk car, these are the parts that will likily have the most value.  Some are easy to remove and some are very diffult.

1) Engine, if the engine is in good running order.

2) Transmission, if there are no oil leaks and relatively low mileage.

3) Air bags, can have value if they are properly removed.

4) Seats, some junk cars have back seats that have never been used and may hold some value.

5) Hoods are often damaged in auto accidents and can be in high demand.  If you hood is un-damaged it can hold some value.


Once all your parts are removed you now need to store them in a dry place and advertise them for sale on parts web sites and craig’s list.  Don’t forget to dispose of all the fluids properly.  Some auto parts stores will take your fuilds for free or for a small fee.

If all of this seems like alot of work and danger, call around and get a quot to sell your junk car and have it towed away for free. In most cases, selling the whole car to a service like is your best option.