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The Easy Way to Fix Squeaky Brakes

When it comes to your car, some mechanical issues are easier to ignore than others. If it’s the middle of winter, you might not be in any hurry to get your air conditioner fixed. The same goes for your heating system when the weather is warm. Other problems need to be addressed immediately, though — and some are practically impossible to put out of your mind. A flat tire is a good example. Squeaky brakes are another.


If your brakes are making unpleasant noises, it can be more than a little unnerving. The thought of your brakes going out while you’re trying to come to a stop is frightening to say the least. The question is, why are your brakes making a particular noise? What does that noise indicate about the condition of your brakes? And, what should you do next?


Maybe you’re looking to fix the brakes on a newer vehicle. Or, you might be trying to determine whether or not it makes sense to repair them before selling your junk car. Either way, this blog post will help you figure out what’s up with your braking system. Keep reading for more info.


Different Brake Sounds


Not all brake sounds are created equal. Depending on what sort of sound your brakes are making, you may be dealing with a different problem. Some of these problems are more urgent than others.


Here are the three most common sounds that brakes tend to make, and what those sounds mean:



  • Squealing sounds: If your brakes are squealing, there may be a problem with the brakes’ actual discs. Take note of whether the squeal is happening all the time, or if it tends to come and go as you apply and release the brake. Either way, your car is likely in need of immediate repair.
  • Squeaking sounds: A squeaking brake system usually indicates that your pads are wearing out. As brake pads slowly break down, they have to be replaced. There could be other issues creating the squeaking, too, such as rusty or damaged calipers.
  • Grinding sounds: While squealing and squeaking sounds are both concerning, a grinding sound is flat out dangerous. When you hear grinding, this indicates that metal is contacting metal with no pad to provide any shock absorption. A metal-on-metal sound is what you’ll hear before your brakes give out completely. In other words: if you’re hearing grinding, your brakes could potentially fail at any time. Have your vehicle towed to a mechanic immediately. Do not attempt to drive it there yourself.



The Cost of Brake Repair

If your brakes are just squeaking a little, you probably only need the pads replaced. This is generally a relatively inexpensive fix. However, grinding sounds tend to indicate that your rotors will need to be replaced as well. This can get expensive quickly. If you have an older vehicle that’s not worth much, why not sell it and get a newer car instead? Junk A Car can pay you cash for your junk car today: contact us for a fast, free quote.