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If you hav found this article then you are probablyl considering selling your junk car for cash.  If you are selling to a service like Junk A Car then you can plan on free towing, quick service and a good price.  But, what should you do to get ready and how can get the most value out of your car.

1) Check for loose change.  Looks in all the usual places like the glove compartment and center console plus all the door pockets and behind seat pockets.  You should carefully dig around in the seats for loose change or bills.  Sometimes people will hide money in the truck under the carpeting when they go on trips then forget about the money later so, be sure to lift up the carpets and look around.  That junk car may have been around for a long time, you be surprised how much money you can find.

2) What should you do about gas in the tank.  If you have the right equipment you should siphon the gas out of the tank.  However, if the gas is really old or if it might have been contaminated with water you should leave it alone.  Also if you do not have right tools and a certified gas tank you are probably better off leaving the gas in the tank.  If a salvage yard ends up with your car they will not care that you have removed the fuel.

3) Remove any valuable or reusable components.  Maybe you had an aftermarket stereo or speakers installed.  These items can usually be easily removed with a screwdriver so you should consider taking them out if they have any value and are working well.  Of course do not forget to remove your favorite CD (does anyone still use CD’s).

4) Remove any identifying paperwork.  Make sure you have not left behind any personal documents that might have your social security number or other identifying informatin on them.

5) Seat covers and floor mats can be re-used on your next car if they are in good condition and are easy to remove.

6) Get your title in order. Carefully sign the title in the correct places in the presense of the tow truck driver.  Never hand over your car without signing over the title.

7) Don’t forget your fast pass electronic toll device.