Cash For Junk Cars


Many companies offer cash for junk cars. Many companies offer cash for cars in any condition. Many companies offer top-dollar for junk cars. Many companies offer free towing.



Junk-A-Car staffs only the most experienced vehicle valuation specialists and then we put them through a rigorous training program. This ensures you get a proper valuation and maximizes what we are able to offer you for your car. It also ensures your interaction with our company will be enjoyable and efficient.


Our towers are prompt, courteous and exceptionally professional. You will be dealing face-to-face with a professional operator who can remove a car in any condition.

What that adds up to is exceptional customer service from your first contact to the final transaction. As you can see by the numerous testimonials on our website, satisfied customers are the rule, not the exception. We have been in this industry as long as or longer than anyone and one phone call will prove no company is capable of paying more or serving you better than Junk-A-Car.

We look forward to evaluating your vehicle.

JunkACar Reviews

Testimonial They did what they said they would do and did it fast with no problems. This is a great company to deal with.Testimonial

Junk Car Buying
5 / 5

Testimonial Very easy to work with. Showed up, gave me cash and a receipt.Testimonial

Junk Car Buying
5 / 5

Testimonial Really easy & offer was more than the local offer. Had a small bump in communication with towing company but considering how rural my location…Testimonial

Junk Car Buying
5 / 5
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