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We Buy Junk Cars in North Fort Myers, Florida

Selling your old, damaged, or unwanted car can be a hassle. But fear not, because in North Fort Myers, Florida, we offer a convenient solution to get rid of your junk car while putting some cash in your pocket. At our company, we specialize in buying junk cars, and we’re always on the lookout for vehicles in any condition. Whether your car is running or not, rusted or wrecked, we’re interested in making you an offer. Let us take that burden off your hands and give you a fair price for your junk car.

How To Sell My Junk Car in North Fort Myers, Florida?

Selling your junk car in North Fort Myers, Florida, has never been easier. We’ve simplified the process to ensure a hassle-free experience for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sell your junk car:

Tell Us About Your Junk Car

The first step is to provide us with some information about your junk car. We’ll need details such as the make, model, year, and condition of your vehicle. Don’t worry if your car is in poor shape; we’re still interested in buying it. The more accurate and detailed you are in describing your car, the better we can assess its value.

Get Your Offer

Once we have the necessary information about your junk car, we’ll evaluate its value and make you an offer. Our team of experts considers various factors such as the condition of the car, its market value, and the salvageable parts. Rest assured that we strive to provide you with a fair and competitive offer based on these factors.

Accept the Offer and Schedule Pickup

If you’re satisfied with our offer, it’s time to accept it and schedule a convenient pickup time. We understand that you have a busy schedule, so we’ll work around your availability. Our professional team will come to your location in North Fort Myers, Florida, to inspect the car and finalize the paperwork.

Get Paid

Once the paperwork is complete, you’ll receive your payment on the spot. We offer prompt and reliable payment methods, ensuring that you get your cash without any delay. With our hassle-free process, you can say goodbye to your junk car and hello to some extra cash.

It’s Easy to Sell Your Car in North Fort Myers, Florida

Selling your car can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. But in North Fort Myers, Florida, we’ve made it easy for you. We understand that you have other important things to focus on, so we’ve streamlined the process to save you time and effort. With our efficient and transparent approach, you can sell your car without any hassle.

Junk Car Buyers Near Me

If you’re searching for reliable junk car buyers near you in North Fort Myers, Florida, look no further. We’re your go-to destination for selling your junk car and getting top dollar for it. With our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and a seamless selling experience.

Do I Need Paperwork to Get Cash for Junk Cars in North Fort Myers?

When selling your junk car in North Fort Myers, having the necessary paperwork is important. While the specific requirements may vary depending on your location and the laws of Florida, it’s generally recommended to have the following documents ready:

– Proof of Ownership: You will need to provide a title or a certificate of title for the vehicle. This document proves that you are the legal owner of the car and have the right to sell it. If you don’t have the title, there may be alternative options, such as obtaining a duplicate title or providing other supporting documents. It’s best to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the appropriate authorities to understand the specific requirements.

– Valid Identification: You’ll likely need a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to establish your identity and ensure a smooth transaction.

While having the paperwork ready is generally preferred, we understand that certain situations may arise where you don’t have all the necessary documents. In such cases, it’s advisable to contact us directly to discuss your specific situation. Our team will guide you through the process and provide the best possible solution.

Should I Clean My Junk Car Before You Pick It Up?

Cleaning your junk car before we pick it up is not necessary. We understand that junk cars are often in various states of disrepair, and cleanliness is not a priority when selling them. Whether your car is covered in dust, has flat tires, or is missing parts, it doesn’t affect our interest in buying it.

Our team is experienced in handling all types of junk cars, regardless of their condition. We buy cars as-is, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning or making any repairs. You can save your time and energy for other tasks while we take care of the junk car removal process.

What Is the Process of Junking a Car in North Fort Myers?

Junking a car in North Fort Myers follows a simple and straightforward process. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

1. Contact Us: Get in touch with our team either through a phone call or by filling out the online form on our website. Provide us with the necessary details about your junk car, such as its make, model, year, and condition.

2. Receive an Offer: Once we have the information about your junk car, we’ll evaluate its value and make you an offer. Our offers are based on factors like the car’s condition, market value, and salvageable parts.

3. Accept the Offer: If you’re satisfied with the offer, you can accept it. We’ll then proceed to schedule a convenient pickup time that works for you.

4. Pickup and Payment: On the scheduled date and time, our professional team will arrive at your location in North Fort Myers to pick up the car. We’ll handle the necessary paperwork, and once everything is finalized, you’ll receive your payment on the spot.

The entire process is designed to be quick, efficient, and hassle-free. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience while getting rid of your junk car and putting cash in your hands.

Will You Still Buy My Junk Car in North Fort Myers if I Cannot Drive It to You?

Absolutely! We understand that junk cars are often in non-running condition, and it may not be possible for you to drive them to us. The good news is that we offer towing services for such situations. If your junk car is immobile or unsafe to drive, we’ll make arrangements to have it towed from your location in North Fort Myers.

When you contact us to sell your junk car, let our team know

that the car is not drivable. We’ll coordinate with you to arrange a towing service at a time that works for you. Our professional towing partners will safely transport your junk car to our facility, ensuring a smooth and convenient process for you.

If You Tow My Junk Car, How Long Will It Take?

The duration of the towing process for your junk car in North Fort Myers can vary depending on factors such as your location, availability of towing services, and scheduling arrangements. We strive to make the process as prompt as possible and work diligently to accommodate your preferred timeframe.

Once you provide us with the necessary details about your junk car, including its location, we’ll work out the logistics and provide you with an estimated time for the towing. Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience caused by the removal of your junk car.

Rest assured that we value your time and aim to complete the entire process efficiently. Our team will keep you informed and updated on the towing arrangements, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Selling your junk car in North Fort Myers doesn’t have to be complicated. Contact us today, and let us handle the paperwork, towing, and payment while you enjoy a hassle-free transaction.

Can I Sell a Wrecked Car?

Yes, you can absolutely sell a wrecked car in North Fort Myers. We understand that accidents happen, and vehicles can sustain significant damage. Even if your car has been involved in a collision or suffered extensive damage, we are still interested in buying it.

Wrecked cars often have salvageable parts or materials that hold value. Our team of experts will assess the condition of your wrecked car and make you a fair offer based on its remaining value. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with details about your wrecked car, and we’ll guide you through the process of selling it for cash.

Can I Sell Multiple Junk Cars for Cash?

Absolutely! If you have multiple junk cars in North Fort Myers that you want to sell, we are more than willing to make offers on all of them. Whether you have two, three, or even more junk cars sitting on your property, we can assist you in getting cash for all of them.

Our team is experienced in handling multiple car transactions and can streamline the process for your convenience. Simply provide us with the necessary details about each junk car, and we’ll evaluate their value individually. You can then receive separate offers for each vehicle, allowing you to sell multiple junk cars and maximize your earnings.

My Car Doesn’t Start in North Fort Myers

If your car doesn’t start in North Fort Myers, it doesn’t pose a problem when selling it to us. We buy junk cars in all conditions, including non-running vehicles. Whether your car has a dead battery, a faulty ignition, or any other mechanical issue preventing it from starting, we’re still interested in purchasing it.

When you reach out to us to sell your car, let us know that it doesn’t start. Our team will factor in the condition of the car and its non-running status when making you an offer. We specialize in buying cars in various states of disrepair, so you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with a fair offer for your non-starting car.

Do You Buy Junk Cars That Are Missing Parts in North Fort Myers?

Yes, we buy junk cars that are missing parts in North Fort Myers. We understand that over time, certain components of a vehicle may become damaged, worn out, or removed for various reasons. Even if your junk car is missing parts such as the engine, transmission, or major components, we’re still interested in purchasing it.

While the value of a car with missing parts may be affected, there are often salvageable materials or remaining components that hold value. Our team will assess the overall condition of your junk car, taking into account the missing parts, and make you a fair offer based on its remaining value.

So, if you have a junk car in North Fort Myers that is missing parts, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you in turning your car into cash, even if it’s not complete.

Is It Possible to Get Cash for a Junk Car at the Impound Yard?

In most cases, it is possible to get cash for a junk car that is at the impound yard in North Fort Myers. However, the process may vary depending on the specific circumstances and regulations of the impound yard.

If your car has been impounded, it’s important to first resolve any outstanding legal or financial obligations to retrieve the vehicle. Once you have ownership and access to the car, you can contact us to discuss selling it as a junk car.

We’ll work with you to understand the impound yard’s requirements and facilitate the necessary paperwork and arrangements. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible, allowing you to turn

your impounded junk car into cash.

Remember to gather all the relevant documents and information related to the impound yard and your ownership of the vehicle. This will help expedite the process and ensure a seamless transaction.

Please note that specific rules and procedures may vary, so it’s advisable to contact us directly for personalized assistance regarding your junk car at the impound yard in North Fort Myers.
Located in Southwest Florida, North Fort Myers is a vibrant and captivating city known for its warm climate, natural beauty, and welcoming community. Nestled along the Caloosahatchee River, this charming area offers a blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences. With its picturesque landscapes, including lush greenery, scenic waterways, and stunning sunsets, North Fort Myers provides a peaceful and serene environment.

The city boasts a variety of recreational opportunities, including boating, fishing, and golfing, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Residents and visitors alike can explore the nearby nature preserves, enjoy waterfront dining experiences, or indulge in shopping at the local boutiques and markets.

North Fort Myers also hosts cultural events and festivals that celebrate the area’s heritage and diverse community. With its close proximity to Fort Myers, residents have easy access to a wide range of amenities, including top-notch healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and entertainment venues.

Overall, North Fort Myers is a delightful destination offering a laid-back lifestyle, natural beauty, and a strong sense of community that truly makes it a hidden gem in Southwest Florida.


This following list is an average of the cars that we have purchased in your area. The actual value of your vehicle may be higher or lower than the average. Your car could be worth substantially more! Call now to get a quote.

Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
1986 Mercedes 300 DL200200
1993 Dodge Stealth100300
1995 Ford Aerostar100400
1994 Volvo 940100420
1991 Mercury Tracer75275
1988 Ford Mustang100325
1994 Pontiac Grand Am100325
2005 Nissan Altima1251550
1999 Chevrolet Blazer50425
1994 Mercury Sable100325
2006 Honda CR-V6002750
1995 Chevy Tracker250250
1996 Mercury Villager100480
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee150700
1990 oldsmobile cutlass200200
1992 Toyota Pickup175500
2002 Buick Century100385
1995 BMW 5 Series110400
1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata250400
1994 Ford Probe100325
2003 Chevrolet Malibu100450
2007 Volkswagen New Beetle40004000
1994 Plymouth Voyager100400
1979 jeep cherokee310340
1988 Chevrolet Celebrity50325
1966 ford pick300300
1992 Toyota Celica90325
2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class4001400
1997 Dodge Intrepid50400
1998 Dodge Neon50400
2001 Volkswagen New Beetle200850
2003 Saturn Ion75450
2001 Hyundai XG30075400
2000 saab 3-Sep300300
1996 Mercury Cougar100375
1996 Ford Taurus55400
1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme100400
1998 Mazda B-Series Pickup125450
1999 Jeep Cherokee50400
2005 Hyundai Accent250560
1999 HONDA ACCORD LX350350
2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara2501100
2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD250700
1986 Chevrolet Celebrity50300
2003 Dodge Durango50775
2005 Chevrolet Classic150350
1993 Chevrolet Camaro50325
1999 Dodge Durango20510
2000 Cadillac Catera100300
1990 Isuzu Pickup75400

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