Fast junk car cash in Augusta, Georgia

To be honest, we both know the truth: you’ve got a junk car, and you need to sell it. Holding onto it and spending thousands in repairs just isn’t sensible. It’s so beat up that it’s never going to drive reliably, and dealing with it is a huge pain.

Who’s going to pay you cash for it, though? That’s the problem. You’ve tried posting an ad with an online classified website, but that wasn’t very effective. All you got were scam emails. A couple of people called you, but they offered so little that you just couldn’t say yes. In the end, all you’ve done is waste your time here in Augusta-Richmond County.

Now’s the time to change course, though! You don’t have to keep dealing with scammers and stressing over your junk car. In fact, you could have cash for your vehicle in less than 24 hours! It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. All you’ve got to do is call Junk A Car at 888-323-7128. We pay cash for junk cars left and right here in Augusta-Richmond County, and we’re ready to buy your junk car today! Call us now to get a quote for your junk car.

Paying cash for Augusta junk cars

It’s great living in the Augusta area, right? As long as you have a car, that is. And not just any car: a reliable car. After all, when your car refuses to start in the morning, how are you going to get to work? We both know that you can’t rely on the public transit system here.

What you need is a car that always starts: something that’s not going to be in and out of the mechanic’s shop constantly. Your junk car just doesn’t cut it anymore. So, why not sell it to Junk A Car? We’ll put cash in your hand before the end of the day, and you can be the proud owner of a new car tomorrow!

Are you in Laney Walker, Aragon Park, or South Augusta? What about Tower Pines, Spirit Pointe, or National Hills? Wherever you’re located in the Augusta or Richmond County area, we’re ready to tow your junk car away for free and pay you cash! Just call us at 888-323-7128 to arrange a convenient time for us to haul your junk car away.

Don’t waste another dime on your junk car: get cash for it instead! Call 888-323-7128 now.


  • Get an instant vehicle valuation by dialing 1-800-303-9971
  • After accepting our offer you can set up a convenient time for one of our Augusta area towers to come to your vehicle's location.
  • Our Augusta tower will pay you the quoted amount on the spot.
  • We will remove your junk car 100% FREE of charge.


This following list is an average of the cars that we have purchased in your area. The actual value of your vehicle may be higher or lower than the average. Your car could be worth substantially more! Call now to get a quote.

Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
1986 Chevrolet Celebrity50300
1999 Ford Explorer50500
2001 Kia Sephia75400
1980 Ford Thunderbird50250
1991 Mercury Tracer75275
1990 Cadillac Seville100330
1991 Ford F-250150340
1988 Ford Mustang100325
1997 Cadillac DeVille125475
1999 Chrysler Town and Country100450
2003 Ford Escort130325
2001 Mazda Millenia150400
1994 Cheverolet Cavalier225225
2000 Mercury Mountaineer200450
1992 Buick LeSabre50350
1988 Chevrolet Celebrity50325
1996 GMC Sonoma175360
1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager100300
1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme100400
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee150700
1990 Plymouth Voyager100300
1988 Ford LTD Crown Victoria100325
1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata200300
2004 GMC Sierra 15005002000
1978 dodge vogue250250
1996 Plymouth Neon50350
2005 Chevrolet Classic150350
1985 Buick LeSabre150300
1994 Chevrolet Suburban100500
1989 Ford F-350250800
1994 Audi Cabriolet225250
1999 Chevrolet Venture100400
1996 Mercury Villager100480
2003 Kia Optima200525
1996 Ford Windstar100475
2003 Ford Windstar100500
1987 Chevrolet Suburban100300
1997 Nissan 200SX50300
2003 Cadillac CTS2001100
2001 Audi A8500625
1997 Honda CR-V200505
1995 Chevy Blazer185220
1998 Acura SLX100100
1988 Ford Festiva150275
1998 Chevrolet Camaro200350
1986 Ford F-250110300
1996 Saab 900200350
1971 mercedes 250z225225
1998 Buick Regal100375
1998 Oldsmobile Aurora200350

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