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A decade or so ago, you had a beautiful vehicle. It was the envy of everyone in your neighborhood. Now, things have changed. Your car is nothing but a huge pain, and it’s a serious drain on your bank account. It breaks down every other week, and the cost of keeping it is getting out of hand. You’d love to just sell it with an online classified site here in Brockton, but that doesn’t seem like it will work. At least, not with a vehicle as old and beat up as yours.

The thing is, you’re hoping to trade your junk car for a newer vehicle. But, you know that the local dealership isn’t going to be interested in a trade. You don’t even want to call them and make that suggestion, for fear that they’ll just laugh at you. But considering that you can’t sell your vehicle for cash, what is there to do here in Brockton?

Actually, you can get cash for your junk car! If you call 888-323-7128, Junk A Car can offer you cash for your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Within 24 hours, you could have hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your junk car! From there, all you have to do is go put a down payment on a new vehicle. Call us at 888-323-7128 and get a free quote for your junk car!

Buying junk cars across Brockton

Have you ever driven past a house with half a dozen junk cars sitting in front of it? Looks pretty awful, doesn’t it? You don’t want your house to look like that, do you? It’s not just ugly, actually. In a lot of places, it can also result in a fine — sometimes even more than one! Plus, the sooner you sell your junk car, the more cash you’ll be able to get.

With Junk A Car, you could wave goodbye to your junk car in a matter of minutes! We make selling your vehicle easy, and we can even help you with paperwork as needed. If you run into trouble, we’re here to help!
Let us buy your junk car in Brockton

Are you concerned that it’s going to be weeks before we come tow your junk car away? Well, stop worrying! Junk A Car offers speedy service here in Brockton. Your vehicle will be gone within a day, and you’ll have cash in its place!


  • Get an instant vehicle valuation by dialing 1-800-303-9971
  • After accepting our offer you can set up a convenient time for one of our Brockton area towers to come to your vehicle's location.
  • Our Brockton tower will pay you the quoted amount on the spot.
  • We will remove your junk car 100% FREE of charge.


This following list is an average of the cars that we have purchased in your area. The actual value of your vehicle may be higher or lower than the average. Your car could be worth substantially more! Call now to get a quote.

Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
1993 Toyota Pickup75450
2000 Audi A4200600
1997 chevrolet corsica200275
1966 Rambler cla2d series250250
1985 Buick LeSabre150300
1995 Buick Century50385
1998 Ford Escort50450
1997 Ford Taurus15375
1992 Mazda MX-5 Miata200370
1997 Pontiac Bonneville50450
2003 MINI Cooper402200
2005 Dodge Neon1501200
1992 Dodge Caravan75375
1988 Jeep Comanche100280
1998 Kia Sephia100400
1988 Acura Legend100380
1998 Infiniti QX4200700
1994 pontiac sunfire300300
2005 Ford Taurus170485
1990 Chevrolet Cavalier15350
1992 Acura Vigor100350
1995 Ford Aerostar100400
2003 Ford Windstar100500
2004 Dodge Durango1002100
1994 Chevrolet Suburban100500
2001 Chrysler Sebring50425
2005 Dodge Caravan150600
2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo125400
1993 Ford Ranger60350
2005 Chevrolet Classic150350
2005 Pontiac Montana SV6250500
1994 Mitsubishi Montero100350
1999 Lincoln Town Car100420
2007 Hyundai Elantra1501000
1999 BMW 3 Series225620
2007 Toyota Yaris5001510
1995 Mercury Villager100450
1998 Audi A4150400
1971 BUICK LESABRE200200
1984 Pontiac Fiero100300
2003 Chevrolet Impala100476
1987 Toyota Celica200350
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee150700
1999 Dodge Durango20510
1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo75375
2005 Mitsubishi Galant25500
2001 Chrystler PT Cruiser Limited Edition350350
2005 Mazda MPV600850
1985 Chevrolet Celebrity150275
1988 Ford Festiva150275

    DMV IN Brockton, ma

  • Address: 490 Forest Ave
    Phone: (857) 368-8000
  • Address: 490 Forest Ave
    Phone: (857) 369-8000
  • Address: 490 Forest Ave
    Phone: (857) 368-8000