What to Do with an Old and Damaged Car

Shot of a junk car in front of a building

When faced with an old and damaged car, you have several options to consider:

  • Repair: Evaluate the extent of damage and whether it’s financially feasible to repair the vehicle.
  • Sell: Consider selling the car privately or to a junk car buyer if it’s beyond repair.
  • Junk: If the car is in poor condition and costly to fix, selling it for junk may be the best option.
  • Donate: Explore charitable organizations that accept old cars as donations.

The Benefits of Selling a Junk Car

Selling a junk car offers several advantages, including:

  • Freeing up space in your garage or driveway.
  • Putting cash in your pocket, even for a car in poor condition.
  • Contributing to recycling efforts by allowing the car’s materials to be reused.

When it’s Time to Sell Your Car

It may be time to sell your car if:

  • It requires frequent and costly repairs.
  • The repair costs exceed the car’s value.
  • You no longer need the vehicle.

What to Do with Several Junk Cars

If you have multiple junk cars, consider selling them to a junk car buyer to free up space and earn extra cash. It’s not wrong or impractical to sell more than one. In fact, the sooner you can rid of all your junk, the better. You get to help the environment, keep the surroundings clean to look at, and avoid any penalties for violating existing state laws against keeping junk and abandoned cars.

Follow the Rules on Recycling Cars

Yes, Virginia has regulations governing the recycling of cars. These laws are designed to ensure the environmentally responsible disposal of vehicles, including recycling and proper disposal of hazardous materials.

Why a Junk Car is a Public Nuisance

A junk car can be deemed a public nuisance due to its potential to impact the environment, aesthetics, and property values. They may leak fluids, attract pests, and create an eyesore in neighborhoods.

Junk car in Alexandria

Make an Informed Decision on What to Do with Your Car

The decision to fix, sell, or junk your car depends on its condition, repair costs, and your specific needs. Evaluate the costs and benefits to make an informed choice.

The Process of Junking a Car In Alexandria

Junking a car in Alexandria typically involves contacting a licensed junk car buyer, receiving an offer, providing necessary documentation, arranging for pickup or towing, and transferring ownership.

Proper Way to Look for a Buyer

Choosing a reputable junk car buyer involves research, reading reviews, obtaining multiple quotes, verifying licensing, and ensuring transparent transactions.

Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

To avoid getting ripped off when selling a junk car, consider obtaining multiple quotes, verifying the buyer’s credentials, understanding your car’s value, and reviewing all terms and conditions carefully.

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Virginia

At JunkACar, we offer cash for junk cars throughout Virginia. Whether your car is old, damaged, or no longer running, we’ll make you a competitive offer.

Abandoned Car on Your Property

Yes, JunkACar specializes in purchasing abandoned cars from properties in Alexandria and across Virginia. We’ll help you remove these unwanted vehicles.

Do We Buy Motorcycles or RVs?

While our primary focus is on buying junk cars, we may consider purchasing motorcycles or RVs depending on their condition and location. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

What if Your Car’s Transmission Slips

If your car’s transmission is slipping, it’s essential to have it inspected by a qualified mechanic. Depending on the extent of the issue, you may need transmission repairs or replacement. That said, JunkACar does accept vehicles with transmission issues.

Get Paid at Pick Up

With JunkACar, you get paid when we pick up your vehicle. We provide a hassle-free process, and you’ll receive your cash on the spot when we collect your junk car.

In Conclusion

JunkACar provides valuable services for those looking to sell their junk cars in Virginia. Whether you have an old, damaged, or abandoned vehicle, we offer competitive cash offers and convenient pickup services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and responsible recycling makes us a trusted choice for disposing of unwanted cars.

About Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, located in northern Virginia, is known for its historic charm, waterfront views, and cultural attractions. This city along the Potomac River offers a rich blend of history and modernity, with cobblestone streets, museums, and a vibrant arts scene. Alexandria’s Old Town, with its well-preserved 18th-century architecture, is a favorite destination for residents and visitors alike.

With its proximity to Washington, D.C., Alexandria enjoys a diverse community and a thriving economy. The city’s blend of historic character and contemporary amenities makes it a unique and welcoming place to live or explore.


This following list is an average of the cars that we have purchased in your area. The actual value of your vehicle may be higher or lower than the average. Your car could be worth substantially more! Call now to get a quote.

Vehicle Minimum Paid Maximum Paid
1988 Lincoln Town Car175350
2004 GMC Sierra 15005002000
1993 Geo Storm100350
1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera100375
1989 Volkswagen Jetta225350
1983 Oldsmobile Delta Eighty-Eight50200
2002 Lincoln LS200450
1984 Dodge Pickup125250
1996 Dodge Dakota100350
1993 Nissan Sentra35350
1999 Subaru Forester150500
2002 Infiniti G20200605
2001 Infiniti I30225700
2003 Jeep Liberty3006100
1979 jeep cherokee310340
1988 Ford LTD Crown Victoria100325
1986 Nissan Maxima150325
1995 Ford Probe100350
99 TOY CAMRY300300
1990 Isuzu Pickup75400
1996 Mazda MX-6200350
1986 Audi 5000150400
1999 Lincoln Town Car100420
1987 Cadillac DeVille100375
1985 Mitsubishi Starion250250
1993 Mazda 62650330
1997 Infiniti I30170375
1992 Ford Explorer50400
1998 Ford Expedition125650
1996 Geo Metro50380
1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager100300
2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class4001400
1991 Ford F-250150340
1993 Cadillac Eldorado200350
1988 Plymouth Reliant K America100350
1989 Ford F-350250800
2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager125300
2000 Mercury Grand Marquis150375
2000 Audi A4200600
1984 Dodge 600200260
1992 Chevrolet Beretta100300
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix400450
1995 Geo Prizm50375
2002 Dodge Caravan100500
1984 Mazda B-Series Pickup100400
2004 Pontiac Grand Am100475
2001 Chevrolet Astro Cargo200400
1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme75400
1991 Chrysler Le Baron100300
2003 Kia Optima200525

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